Meet our 2017 Ambassadors:

We are proud to announce our Keto Ambassadors for 2017. Part of selecting Ambassadors (no easy task) was to look at many factors – we looked at knowledge and understanding of the low-sugar philosophy in order to be able to pass on the information, willingness and desire to grow and learn about the benefits of low-carb and share that experience, event results and performance as well as geographic region and sporting code.

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Join our 2017 #KetoSquad:

The Keto Elite Squad is a part sponsored programme where you will receive access to some of the countries top athletes through a closed invitation only group, giving you the unique opportunity to ask and discuss questions around nutrition, training, race preparation, speed and endurance tips, technical skills as well as specialist medical advice on recovery and injury prevention through our Ambassadors and Keto Partners. We are also in discussions with apparel and equipment partners who will offer discounts to our Keto Elite Squad athletes as well as discounts on Keto Nutrition Products and programmes for you and your Network.

Keto Elite Squad:

  • Squad Introduction Pack
  • Access to the members only Keto Elite Squad Facebook Page
  • Interaction and Information from Top Athletes
  • Branded Keto Merchandise
  • Keto Nutrition Discount Voucher

In return we ask that you use the products and use your social media network to promote our range of products.
If the Keto Elite Squad is for you, join us here. Membership is absolutely FREE.

Meet our #KetoSquad panel of experts:

Our Keto Squad members will have the opportunity to seek advice, interact and engage with a panel of experts. These experts will cover a wide range of fields from nutrition, physiotherapy, fitness training to medical and equipment.