Sport of Choice: Cyclist

I live a very low carb diet even though I am an endurance athlete. I find carbs, especially High GI carbs leave me lethargic and cause be to retain water, especially in stage races.

Having ridden for the ASG Bestmed team from mid 2013 to end 2015. Desray competed in her first SA Cycling Champs held in Durban in 2014 and managed to take 2nd in the time trial and 3rd in the Road Race in the 35 to 39 Vet Category.

2015 proved to be another great year :

SA Champs 2015 Time Trial: 1st vet 35-39
SA Champs 2015 Road Race: 1St Vet 35-40
Berg en Dale: 1st Vet
Ride for sight: 1st Vet
Carnival City: 1st Vet
Mayoral Race Polokwane: 1st Vet
Panorama Tour (4 day stage race): 1st place ladies overall on all 4 stages, 1st ladies team overall
Kremetart Stage Race: 1st Vet and 3rd place overall
Jock Classique Stage Race: 1st Vet and 4th place overall
Ironman 70.3 Durban: 1st Age Grouper 35-39 (12th place overall. 2nd fastest bike split overall)

Desray continues to go from strength to strength as can be seen in her 2016 and 2017 results:

2016 Achievements

SA Road Champ Vet 35-40 1st place
SA Time Trial Champ 35-40 1st place
Polokwane Mayoral Race 1st Vet 30+
Panorama Tour 1st place Stage 1,2,3,4 and overall 1st place
The Jock Classique 5Th Overall
Wilro Lions 4th Overall
Amashova Durban classic 4th overall, 1st Vet 30-40
Bestmed Satellite classic 6th overall

2017 Achievements
Gauteng vets 35-39 TT champs 1st
Gauteng vets 35-39 Road champs 1st
SA road vets 35-39 TT champs 2nd
SA road vets 35-39 Road champs 1st

Get To Know Your Ambassador

Desray Sebregts

Q: When did you start playing sport, and what sports have you played?

I used to dabble in sports at school, mainly swimming in summer and hockey in winter.
No major achievements but it kept me relatively fit.

Q: Has there been a significant event or person in your sporting life that drives you?

After school, I got into the spinning trend and then evolved into becoming an instructor. I loved the gym industry and found myself constantly helping people so decided to do a personal training diploma.I started riding (road Cycling) about 8 years ago as a fun rider and then after I divorced 5 years ago I really threw myself into the sport. Cycling not only helped me cope with the stress of the divorce but also gave me a whole new window to the world. This evolved into the triathlon world, that I also fell in love with and ended up being sponsored in both from my results. I have met so many amazing and inspiring people over the past few years that I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Last year I made the decision to focus on road cycling only as I just did not have the time to train all 3 disciplines with the kids and being a single working mom.

Q: How has nutrition played a role in your sporting life?

Luckily I have had a (numerous) nutritional sponsors for the past few years. I have always gone along with the “topping up” of carbs through races but have always battled with water retention for a day or 2 after the event, stage racing especially. This is exactly why researching and trying the keto way Just appealed to me from the start. I really struggled initially but have done a few 150km races over the past few weeks and only drinking electrolytes and minimal carbs I cannot believe the difference. I have always had to watch my weight and what I eat, counting calories and weighing myself. My first visit to a dietitian was at the age of 12!!!! For the first time in my life, I hardly think about food, I feel comfortable in my own skin and don’t stress all the time about putting on weight. Another great thing is not having to leave the house with pockets full of gu’s and top up fuels for long rides. I literally take 2 fat bombs In case and my drinks, 1 hydro plus and 1 enduro plus.

Q: Which 5 main events will you competing in in the next 12 months and which one have you targeted as an A+?

We have some big events coming up as the racing season has started.Telkom satellite next weekend (110km) Amashova on the 22nd Tshwane classic 5 November 94.7 on the 19th November Double century (201km) on 25 November That’s it for this year and then the season starts again mid-January again.Do you have a race day ritual? With regards to race day ritual, I now eat a breakfast with a low GI carb, coconut oil and a protein 2 hours prior to the race as well as 50g of extra carbs 2 days prior to the event, I find this really helps. On the start line I have a fat bomb and 200mg caffeine and off I go! I make sure I drink enough electrolytes throughout the race and only start on my enduro plus 90min into the event. This seems to be working for me for an approx 3hr event.

Q: What goals have you set yourself?

I have set a goal for myself that I would really love to try to achieve another 2 SA titles, making it a total of 5.. so that is where my head is at right now! I would also like to look at getting back into the triathlon scene next year if I can find a sponsor as I really enjoyed that and Life seems a bit more settled now. What are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months? We are planning a trip to the Giro (Italy) next year for my 40th with LOTS of miles to be ridden and I can’t wait!

Desray Sebregts.