” I suspected I had type one, but didn’t even want to give into the idea that I could have it. I remember staring at my skeletal body in the mirror, incapable, sick and a shadow of what it once was and deciding I needed answers.”
– Tracy Sanders


Welcome to our new Diabetes page. Living a low-carb, high protein, low sugar diet isn’t just about performance, or even general health. For diabetics, living this lifestyle, coupled with exercise, could be a huge asset in managing the effects of Diabetes. With a staggering 415 million adults living with Diabetes worldwide (International Diabetes Federation) , the realities of this disease are ones we cannot afford to ignore. Low-carb, high protein, low sugar products like Keto’s can assist athletes in choosing smart, diabetic-friendly fuel for training, events and recovery. Along with our products, we also look to providing valuable information to athletes looking for information around Diabetes.


In our first Diabetes-awareness series we meet Keto Ambassador Tracy Sanders, diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) at age 20. Tracy shares her journey with us, as well as her go-to resources in this 4-part blog piece. Read along, and be sure to follow Tracy’s Instagram – Type1Tracy

” Did you know – Low Carb Products like Keto can assist Diabetics in managing their Disease.” – Keto Nutrition