Ketone Education Series #3

Do Exogenous Ketone Supplements stop you from burning your own fat to make Ketones? When supplementing with Exogenous Ketones, your body will burn those first, before breaking down fat. This is great for athletes who want the maximum number of Ketones available from...

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Ketone Education Series #2

"Should I only do ketosis naturally, or with a supplement?" The best answer is both. Eating a low carb diet provides the platform for your body to function properly, repair, and effectively allocate energy in a low blood glucose environment, and with minimal insulin....

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Ketone Education Series #1

"Will a ketone supplement help me lose weight?" A common misconception is that taking ketone supplements will induce immediate weight loss. This is simply not true – we’re not talking magic wands here. It’s important to understand that Exogenous Ketones are...

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Keto Talks Presentation

We have just returned from very successful few weeks of our KETO TALK SERIES. If was great to meet some of our incredible Low Carb / Keto athletes, chat about your training challenges and really get to know your unique needs. Thank you for joining us and for those who...

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What’s the deal with salt?

What’s the deal with salt?   Most of us will have been told not to eat too much salt, but does this apply on a Low-Carb diet and to people who are active? As your body adapts to a low carb diet, the kidneys fundamentally change how they handle sodium. Reducing carbs...

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Info Guide to Low-Carb for Athletes.

The Keto nutritional approach aims to help you achieving your fitness and lifestyle goals. Through this guide you will be introduced to the benefits of low-carb, keto-adapted sport, how to build a well-constructed eating plan and what to expect from keto-adapted...

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