Welcome to our Keto Club! We are excited to grow our team of Keto friendly athletes and to share and learn from each other experiences. We would love to see Keto Club members posting useful information, sharing advice, encouraging and supporting each other online and at events through a WhatsApp community group of like-minded Keto athletes!

Here are some of the other great benefits of being part of the Keto Club and being an ambassador to the Keto lifestyle and athletic performance and so much more:

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Athlete Network Discount code: Entitles anyone from your network to receive a product of 10% discount on all purchases from the website. In addition you will earn 10% Referral Credit to your athlete account for purchases over and above your personal discount!

Product samples: Free samples of new products and before launch deals with your orders

Starter pack with a range of products and promotional kit and accessories, sent with your opening order.

Competitions and giveaways: We all love a bit of a competition and something for nothing, so keep

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