So you’re ready to be King of Keto – you’ve got your meal plans down, shopping for Keto-friendly food no longer feels intimidating (because it’s not once you’re into it) and your training is going well, so you know your body is loving the process as much as you are. But what about your electrolyte intake, are you hydrating like a pro, or partially parched?

While we’re cheering for those dropped carbs, it’s important to remember that this process shifts how your body handles fluids and those all-important electrolytes. Why? As you start moving into ketosis, or even if you’re already further along the road, the drop in stored insulin and therefore glycogen means a drop in stored water (these two are stored together in a 1:3 ratio) This is usually the point where people lose that initial water weight as our kidneys go up a gear excreting rather than storing fluids. Although you feel and look different with this weight shift, it’s important to remember that water and electrolytes need to be replenished to avoid dehydration and electrolyte imbalances and other pesky symptoms of ‘keto-flu’. And incase you’re wondering, electrolytes are key for our muscles, hearts, body temperature, energy as well as brain function – so you don’t want to be messing with these little guys as they regulate these important functions.

So, what are you supposed to do about it all? For a ketogenic diet you need to focus on 3 key electrolyte sources – Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium, and obviously increasing your water intake goes without saying. { source:}


While there are numerous ways to up your electrolytes, these are our quick and easy to implement favourites:

– Add salt to your foods (sodium)
– Reach for those greens (potassium and magnesium)
– Snack on good-quality dark chocolate (as if you need an excuse! – magnesium).
– Supplement with Keto Hydro Plus or Keto Exo to assist the body in replenishing these all-important micronutrients.


Remember that during training and pre and post events it’s more important than ever to focus on your hydration – but that doesn’t necessarily mean more water.
Most people tend to hyper focus on the amount of water they drink to stay hydrated. Its been shown that electrolyte balance is the driving factor in muscle contraction and endurance. Taking on too much water on its own can cause the kidneys to flush out the all-important electrolytes including sodium, which then negatively effects performance and can lead to muscle cramping.

  • In hot weather or during high training volume periods sip on a bottle of HydroPlus daily to replenish lost electrolytes and minerals.
  • Leading up to an event take on one to two bottles per day two days before.
  • On the morning of the event use one serving of Keto Hydro Plus or Keto Exo (Hydro Plus with Exogenous Ketones) during warm-up.
  • Use one bottle post training especially for intense sessions or long duration to replenish and recover.

Let your legs do the hard work and give your kidneys a break by focusing on your electrolytes and hydration this season, and if you need a hand, reach out to Keto Nutrition.