Sport of Choice: Triathlon

I try and minimize my sugar intake already mainly inorder to prevent sugar highs that causes you to crash during a race at the wrong time.  in long distance triathlon nutrition plays a vital role and getting it wrong could cost you our race.

Starting with Triathlon Triathlon in 2012 with the aim of just completing the 70.3 Buffalo City in 2013, it is now 4 years later and turned into 5 consecutive 70.3’s at Buffalo City, 2 at Durban, 2 Absa Cape Epics, 3 Full Ironman races and 6 World Championship Qualifications. Ewart Kleynhans believes in digging deep and pushing your own limits.

Family and friends often ask when will he be done , he used to say “the day I attend a 70.3 World Championship”. Well that day came and went and the answer changed to the day when he will attend the Ironman World Championship. That day now is set for 14 October 2017. Problem is he has already qualified for 70.3 World Championships in PE in 2018! So on short we will need to formulate a new answer and get back to you on that.




2017 – In this season I have done the following races:

  • Ironman African Championships – 6th in age group 35 – 39 and 44 overall. I was the 4th fastest South African age grouper (9h24) and also had one of the fastest bike splits of the day with a 4h47 and n 3h20 run.
  • 3 Buffalo City – 10th in age group 35 – 39 and 58th overall
  • I have qualified and will attend both the Ironman World Championships Kona 2017 and 70.3 World Championships PE 2018


I also plan to do the following races:

  • 3 Durban – aiming for top 5
  • 5150 Bela Bela Bela – aiming to win age group again
  • Global 11 Sun City – aiming to win age group and top 5 overall
  • 5150 PE – aiming to win age group
  • Midlands Ultra might be a possibility depending on 5150 dates
  • GTN Triathlon Championships – aiming to win age group
  • GTN Duathlon Championships – aiming to win overall


  1. 3 Buffalo City – 5th in age group and top 31st overall 4h46 (invited to attend 70.3 Ironman World Championships in Australia)
  2. Absa Cape Epic
  3. Trinity Sport Triathlon – 1st overall in a time of 2h08
  4. 3 Durban – 5th in age group and 12th overall in a time of 3h52
  5. 3 World Championships – 72nd in age group in a time of 4h24
  6. Global 11 Standard Triathlon – 2nd in age group
  7. 5150 African Championships – 3rd in age group and top 6th overall
  8. Coronation Double Century road race – 3rd team overall (Active Bodies Race Team)
  9. Hazeldean 21.1km Trail run – 1st overall



  1. National Age Group Champion – Mangaung ATU Duathlon African Cup – 1st age grouper overall and 1st in age group in a time of 1h58
  2. CGT and GTN Duathlon Championships – 1st in age group and 2nd overall in a time of 1h54
  3. Triathlon National Championships – 2nd in age group in a time of 2h23
  4. Afriman Duathlon – 2nd overall
  5. African age group 30 -34 champion – 5150 African Championships – 1st in age group and top 20 overall in a time 2h12
  6. 5150 Bela Bela – 1st in age group and top 15 overall in 2h15
  7. GTN Triathlon Championships – 1st in age group and 4th overall
  8. Ironman 70.3 Buffalo City – top 50 overall in a time of 5h07
  9. Ironman Nelson Mandela Bay – top 20 in age group (did not race, just wanted to complete) in a time of 10h43
  10. Was also invited to race elite in the Discovery Duathlon in Sandton
  11. Was invited to Triathlon World Championships in Chicago
  12. Was invited to Duathlon World Championships in Adelaide



  1. Spain – Duathlon World Championships Pontevedra – 13th in age group in 2h04
  2. Duathlon African and National Championships – 2nd in age group and top 10 overall in 1h59
  3. Momentum Dual X, 2 podiums in 3 races, 3rd sub vets in series and top 10 overall in series
  4. 5150 African Champs – 3rd in age group in 2h12
  5. Mini Man – 1st overall
  6. Actionman Duathlon – 1st overall
  7. 3 Buffalo City top 20 age group 30 -34 in 5h09



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