Sport of Choice: Elite Obstacle Course racer

Megan Bahlmann is a type 1 diabetic since the age of 4, however she is fully determined to take her diabetes beyond its perceived limits by carefully assessing and managing the risks. With the occasional injection of courage she is able to push herself regularly to the limit of her capabilities…..the exploration of her own boundaries keeps her on her feet as she aims for a life with endless possibilities.

Megan has previously represented KZN at indoor rock climbing nationals before transitioning into a less competitive but more adventurous outdoor lifestyle. In 2017, she went on pursuit of a new goal in trail running. Early in this pursuit her coaches introduced her to obstacle course racing which she found great pleasure in as she was able to make use of her outdoor and climbing passion.

Competing at black ops elite level brought in its own challenges with managing diabetes. The combination of strength, endurance and cardio in one race introduced her to exactly how smart our pancreas and body is.

Figuring out the correct nutritional and insulin requirements became an essential part of being able to complete a race and manage the training demands. Extensive research and experimentation lead her onto a path of a Ketogenic lifestyle. The Keto lifestyle provided her with enough blood sugar stability to manage her everyday life with the addition of a demanding training schedule.

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