Sport of Choice: Road running

I moved to low-sugar nutrition after missing 2nd place at the Mauritious International Half Marathon by only seconds in July 2015, and have since run PB’s and won many of my races since! My energy levels for my various sports and training are more consist

Achievements 2017:

  • Trinidad Alfonso Maraton – Valencia, Spain – 10km – 19/11/17 – 38:38 – 25th out of 3445 Women, 341st overall out of 7554 competitors! Personal Best time achieved!
  • Zurich Maratoia – Donostia/ San Sebastian, Spain – 21km – 26/11/17 – Actual effort was 87mins for 21kms, but unfortunately I missed the turn off for the finish, and had to proceed to run until the end of the 21st km of the Marathon event, and then jogged back to find the actual finish (same course was shared by the 21km and 42km events), hence a time of 1:33:52 was recorded instead! At least it was a good rehearsal for the next race!
  • Meia-Maratona Dos Descobrimentos – Belem, Lisbon, Portugal – 21km – 03/12/17 – 1:27:12 – Podiumed 2nd Lady, and 1st in age category. Overall 137 out of 2429 competitors!
  • Awarded Victrix Ludorum Trophy for 2017 by Century City Athletics Club, 5th year in a row!
  • Dirtopia Trilogy Trail Run – Warwick Wine Estate, Stellenbosch – 10km – 10/12/17 – 54:23 – Podiumed 1st Lad


– Winner of ACVV French Corner Franschhoek 10km Road Race in September 2016

– Winner of the Total Whale Half Marathon in October 2016

– Awarded Victrix Ludorum Trophy 2016

– Podiumed 2nd place at West Coast AC Eden on the Bay Half Marathon in November 2016

– Podiumed 3rd place in the Onrus Cashkows Milkwood 10km Road Race in December 2016

– Featured on the Cover of Runners World Magazine February 2016

– Achieved Gold at WP Masters Track Championships in the 5000m in March 2017

– Podiumed 3rd place in the Gordon’s Bay Labourwise 10km Road Race in April 2017

– Achieved Silver and placed 29th in the Two Oceans Half Marathon in April 2017

– Awarded 6th place in the Cell C Day of Races Elite Wave 5km in April 2017


Get To Know Your Ambassador

Tanya Posthumus – Fox

Q: When did you start playing sport, and what sports have you played?

When I was in school, the only sport that I was interested in, was Modern Dancing, which I enjoyed for 12 years. My passion for sport and running only started later in life, so I do really embrace them while I am making up for lost time. In school, I tried out most sports, like Hockey, Volleyball, Netball, even girls Soccer. I did really well in Cross Country naturally without training but didn’t like it then either. Now as an adult I have tried Track, Road, Cross Country, Vineyard & Trail Running, Road Cycling, MTB, Spinning, Pool Swimming, Triathlons, Bodyboarding, Supping, Wakeboarding, Water & Snow Skiing, Yoga & Golf. Now currently, I Run, Yoga & Golf. (and of cos High-Intensity Strength Training) As summer approaches I shall do more Wakeboarding and Bodyboarding as well again.

Q: Has there been a significant event in person in your sporting life that drives you?

The event would probably be when I quit smoking and saw the positive results that this had on my running. It was motivation to stay cig free and drove me to push harder in my running. My mom was also an inspiration to me as she set the bar for quitting smoking and taking up walking/ running ahead of me actually. My biggest fan is my husband, who would do anything in his power to support my running aspirations, and my amazing coach has a way of getting the best out of me without being too hard and is always encouraging and supportive in a nurturing way.

Q: What do you love most about your chosen sport?

The best way to start my day is with a run, outside, getting those endorphins going, and feeling at the end like I achieved something before most people have even gotten out of bed. It gets the heart and lungs and legs and arms and everything going, and helps keep one healthy and in shape, and takes you to beautiful places where you meet other awesome people.

Q: What in your mind has been your greatest accomplishment in sport?

Other than results, Besides PB’s and Podiums and Media, I’d say being an inspiration to other women! I strongly encourage other women, no matter their age, to get on the road where they might find talent. Hard work gets you the rest of the way! If someone had told me 8 years ago, that I would be capable of achieving so much as a runner, I would never have believed them. With consistent hard work and a couple of healthy lifestyle changes (like quitting smoking and cutting out sugar), I have gone from not being able to run 1km, to winning 21km races.

Q: If you weren’t doing what you do. What other sport would you like to do?

If not running on the road, then on the trails. Or Yoga, Golf, Bodyboarding or Wake Boarding!

Q: How has nutrition played a role in your sporting life?

Huge, but still figuring it out! Nothing like cracking eggs and downing egg whites after a hard run for recovery! And a day does not go by without me sipping on Keto Hydro Plus!

Q: What has been the biggest difference since going Keto?

No sugar crashes!

Q: Do you have a race day ritual?

Put out all my kit the night before and early to bed. Top up sodium and sip on Keto Hydro Plus and take a Keto Nut Butter Gel before the race. Jog slowly before a race, and go to the bathroom a million times, even if I don’t need to. Grab my sunnies and water sachets and get to the front of the starting line. Directly after a race, I consume egg whites or Keto Shake, and a Keto Bar, then grab my bottle of Hydro Plus and go for a recovery run.

Q: If you could be any sporting icon who would it be?

Jenna Challenor or Ulrica Stander or Tanith Maxwell

Q: Where has been your favorite place to visit/compete?

Thus far I have only competed in Mauritius (Podiumed 3rd) outside SA and was a beautiful coastal route.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

I am very excited for my up and coming trip to Spain and Portugal, where I shall be competing in the Valencia 10km, San Sebastian Half Marathon and Lisbon Half Marathon over 3 weeks in November/ December 2017.

Q: Which 5 main events will you competing in in the next 12 months and which one have you targeted as an A+?

Gun Run Half Marathon, West Coast Half Marathon, Valencia 10km, San Sebastian Half Marathon, Lisbon Half Marathon. I have not looked beyond December 2017 yet.A26